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2019: Solo Female Traveler

Updated: May 7, 2019

Vivian Nguyen — Mui Ne, Vietnam

When Vivian was young, her cousin was attacked. She was left home alone being looked out for by a neighbor. That day, two men broke into the house and attempted to rape her. She screamed for help. Someone nearby try to break down the door to help her and called the police. Her cousin was airlifted out due to her critical condition, but she survived. Vivian’s family was always on guard after that incident. Her household filled with fear. What could happen if she walked to the park by herself? What if she was kidnapped at a grocery store or attacked in the street walking home late at night? Until now, that fear was much grander, all encompassing. Today, she’s half way across the world from her hometown of Texas, traveling through the southern beach town of Mui Ne, Vietnam.

“ I was a bit scared while traveling on my own. The first time I have ever done it, but I loved the experience and it helped me to see myself better after many years of living under a certain kind of protection. ”

How can one of the most developed countries in the world also be the scariest? According to crime reports in the US, violent crime has substantially declined the last quarter century. Still, Americans are ridden with fear, feasting on every true crime story that crosses their paths. Sometimes that fear is valid and other times, it’s just in in their heads. After all, says Vivian, “we are not quite different from each other except the physical appearance specifically. We are human beings with the same fears, joys and wishes.”

Vivian is a great example of women today who are choosing to cast their fears to the side and just go.

Traveling safely is always a priority, but should we really let our fears dictate our lives? Short answer? Hell no. We have one life to live. Why should we spend it being afraid to leave our doorstep or talk to our neighbors? Not today Satan. Not today.

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